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I can suggest "Thinner, Leaner, Stronger" by Michael Matthews is a good read - very informative (even if you aren't looking for a new program to follow). His podcasts are also really great if you want something for on the go. He interviews scientists who study exercise and nutritional science (like Bret Contreras - didn't realize he had a PhD, and Soohee Lee) and they delve deep into different topics ranging from motivation to body fat to nutrition.

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Jelineex - 1 point - 8 months ago
I will try to look for that article to see how it could help me to have a healthy lifestyle. i am interested to know some exercises that's easy but effective. Plus, I am also thinking that a good body and mind condition will create a positive outlook in life. Thank you for sharing this information.
jpk0007 - 1 point - 8 months ago
I will certainly check out the book that you have suggested in your post. I usually prefer to read magazines related to Health and Fitness. I also have subscribed to some of these magazines. Most of the books related to Health and fitness that i have read till now are related to Yoga and Pranayama. I believe that it is always good to stay updated with the new Trends and tips regarding to Health and fitness and try to incorporate the best things that you read in your life.
theresajane - 1 point - 8 months ago
Thank you for the recommendation. I'll try to look for that book.
jpk0007 - 1 point - 7 months ago
Well, I will definitely check this book very soon. I usually do read health magazines to stay updated about the latest trends in diet and exercise, but most of the times, the articles that we fInd in the Health magazines are promoting some sort of product or services related to the health industry and therefore cant be heavily relied upon. Books related to Health would definitely be more informative and thorough in there research.
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