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Nicholas Sparks Novels

Message in the Bottle was the first book I've watched and then read 8 years later. As year passess by, I was able to get hold of books written by Sparks. I found out through words how he can inflict emotional wounds and spark raw emotions. He is a master in storytelling that will make you question true love, God's plan and how life is woven intricately. He often draw lines that are worth remembering is applicable to life itself.

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menchuuy58 - 1 point - 9 months ago
Thanks for sharing to us your encounter with message in a bottle. I researched about it and this is what I have learned. Message in a Bottle is the second romance novel written by American author Nicholas Sparks. The story, which explores the romance theme of love after grief, is set in the mid-late 1990s, then-contemporary Wilmington, North Carolina. The 1999 film Message in a Bottle produced by and starring Kevin Costner, is based on this novel.
ophelia - 1 point - 9 months ago
I've only watched a few Nicholas Sparks movies (by few I mean all the books that has a movie adaptation.) I've yet to read them. I do have a lot of Nicholas Sparks ebooks saved on my tab. I'm still reading (or rather, trying to finish reading) Me Before You. Hopefully I can kick off this laziness and start reading soon.
theresajane - 1 point - 9 months ago
This thread is interesting as the first book that I had read was a Nicholas Sparks' book too. It was 'A Walk to Remember'. I remembered crying and wanting to search for the email address of the author to ask why was the ending like that. Even though I know that all of the circumstances lead to that specific ending, I still couldn't accept it.
Sneska - 1 point - 8 months ago
The last one I read was "The Last Song" but definitely my favorite one is "The Notebook". It is such a consuming story that made me believe in love all over again. Noah and Allie's deep and timeless love turns tragedy into triumph, it is a love so powerful that it makes miracles. I am sure you would also enoy the movie based on this book starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.
Lhang - 1 point - 8 months ago
Nicholas Sparks novel are very popular because his books tend to be love stories that are very melodramatic with similar plots and formulas. Young adult girls like them a lot because of the romance in the story. Some of his books also translate into decent movies.
Caguioa747 - 1 point - 8 months ago
for me, The notebook. I have read that book and of course watched the movie also. Nicholas sparks is a brilliant author. I cant wait to read his other books
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