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Printed books vs Ebooks

What's your opinion on printed books and ebooks?
Which do you like better?

I'd like to stir some discussion here since this forum is related to books, and was just thinking that the format of the book might alter how you perceive it.

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jeffreyjose48 - 1 point - 9 months ago
I will choose printed books. It is what I am used to in reading. I have also tried to read eBooks but I feel it to be better in print. I can hold printed books in my hands. I can even smell the pages of the book. I can also write down my comments on the side of the page.
dullian - 0 points - 9 months ago
You write on your books? I can understand you want to make notes that might be helpful later but personally I feel sorry for damaging them. I'd make my notes on a notebook or my phone.

I've read that having a physical book might help making more cognitive connections with its contents since you correlate the physical sensations (touch, smell, etc.) to your experience reading the book. I think that's true, physical books usually are more complicate than ebooks since printed books have more notes and explanations that ebooks usually lack. What I like about ebooks, though, is the convenience of having them without actually occupying physical space, also having them on your phone or tablet.
mcnasci24 - 1 point - 9 months ago
I agree with you! It's so painful for me to draw or scribble on my books. I take so much care of them.
menchuuy58 - 0 points - 9 months ago
I will go for eBooks. We are now in modern world with advancing technology. Internet and computers have been moving fast. In order for me not to be left behind I will go with the flow. I am so happy that there is eBook and I have the chance not only to read one book in my hand but I will be able to read more books.
mcnasci24 - 1 point - 9 months ago
Because of work, I have to move around a lot. Thus, having a lot of printed books is not an option for me. I also am beyond happy to be able to read anywhere through my phone.
achikeziah - 0 points - 9 months ago
I vote for reading in ebook. An ebook is a book in electronic format. It is downloaded to a computer, PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other kind of reading device, and is read on the screen. It can have numbered pages, table of contents, pictures and graphics, exactly like a printed book. It is very simple and easy to purchase and download ebooks through the Internet. It is exactly like purchasing any other product. The only difference is that after payment you will either be directed to a download page or receive the download link in an email. All you have to do is click on the link and the ebook will automatically download to your computer, to a folder of your own choice.
ophelia - 0 points - 9 months ago
I still prefer printed books, but it is much heavier when carried and you can't bring all your favorites when you're travelling. I use ebooks now mostly, even though it doesn't have that book smell, it's more convenient for me since I travel a lot.
potchuy203 - 0 points - 9 months ago
I prefer ebooks. What are the benefits and advantages of ebooks? 1. Ebooks are delivered almost instantaneously. You can purchase, download and start reading them within minutes, without leaving your chair. You don't have to go to a bookstore to buy them, neither wait for them for days, weeks andsometimes more to arrive in the mail. 2. No trees are required to manufacture paper for the pages of ebooks. 3. When you need certain information, you can get it immediately, by downloading an ebook.
faithuy56 - 1 point - 9 months ago
I will go for reading printed books. Why Print is Better? Browsing a book store or library is a way better experience than browsing any online equivalent. It’s easy in a print book to flip to the index, or some other page, and back to the page you were reading. In digital books you leave your spot at your peril. It’s very easy to get lost. When you do lose your place in a print book, it’s far easier to find it again than it is in a digital book.
Vinsanity - 1 point - 9 months ago
I can be used to both printed books and ebooks. Ebooks are better to use especially when you commute everyday. By just using our smartphones, we can read our favorite novels and even academic books. We can save time here as well, time will never be wasted during the trip.
But if I were to choose between the two, I would rather choose the printed books rather than ebooks. Printed books has that appeal to me that I cannot resist. I love how they smell and I can focus more on what I am reading because there is no distraction. Unlike reading trough ebooks in our smartphones, there are social media sites, games and the internet that may tempt us to divert our attention.
faithjose822 - 2 points - 9 months ago
I prefer printed books. Studies have shown that people retain more of what they read in print. This is probably because of this multi-sensory experience explained, including even the texture and smell of the paper. Memories are closely associated with other senses. If you want to review a book, or blog about it, it’s so much easier to highlight things, attach a sticky note, scribble in the margins, etc., and it’s very easy to find those notes later. The disadvantage, of course, is that you then have to type them.
Evaine - 2 points - 9 months ago
I prefer printed books. There's just something about turning the page in anticipation that speaks to me. It feels a little less like I'm reading a document, but rather, I'm reading a work of art. That's not to say that books aren't art just because of its format. There's just a timelessness that comes with having a physical copy of a book.
dullian - 1 point - 9 months ago
Timelessness... I like that way of seeing books. I have some really old books myself and I take pride in owning them.
theresajane - 1 point - 9 months ago
Even though ebooks are more convenient because you can have it every time, I still think that printed books are better. You will be able to enjoy the time while you're off from social media and the things that make you busy when you're taking your time reading a printed book and enjoy the ambience.
achikeziah - 1 point - 9 months ago
I think reading ebooks is much better. We are in world of high technology. It is just but fitting that our reading will go to a higher level also. It is just like upgrading.
mcnasci24 - 1 point - 9 months ago
Agreed. I can concentrate easily if I read a book on my laptop. With a printed book, there are so many distractions around!
Klint - 1 point - 9 months ago
I prefer printed books over ebooks. I've been reading printed books for a very long time and I am very satisfied with my experience, compared to that time when I used ebooks. I like it when I can actually hold the book and get a smell of its pages. I don't know but it somehow completes my reading experience.
elizaschnoodles - 1 point - 9 months ago
I can't decide! I prefer physical books, perhaps because I grew up reading books that I could hold in my hand, with pages and everything. But I have a kindle, and an iPad, and lots of ebooks. I have to say, moving is much easier when most of my books are ebooks. I also love that so many classic books are available for free, as ebooks, in the public domain. I hope that traditional books won't become obselete (and I don't think they will any time soon. Too many people still resist ebooks), but I think ebooks have their place too.
drickxandrea - 1 point - 9 months ago
I will choose e-books. It's free and portable. Whenever I go and whenever I want to, reading would not be a problem because I'm always carry my phone with me. Most importantly, it's free to download, you don't have to pay thousands for a book. Well, if you have the money then why not buy the book, buying a book would be really great because the authors would be very grateful, let's support them!
juandera11 - 1 point - 9 months ago
Reading is one of the past time of many of us and by the evolving world, technology is also incorporated in reading. In the previous days, you can read a book (example: a novel) if you acquire a hardcopy or a book of it. Nowadays, you can read a book using any smartphone or tablet. This is commonly called as e-book or electronic book for it is printed electronically. In my own perspective, I prefer e-books because they are already available on the Internet and all you need is to download it and read thru your devices. It is also very portable that makes the readers the chance to read anytime and anywhere.
foxprojects - 1 point - 9 months ago
I've read plenty of both, but I particularly like the innovation that ebooks brought. It allows you to have dozens of books with you, no matter where you go. This is perfect if you want to bring books with you to read while on the go.
Caguioa747 - 1 point - 9 months ago
For those of us who are tactile- and sense-oriented, you can't beat the feeling of holding a book, smelling the pages, knowing if you accidentally drop it or spill a little coffee/tea on it the worst that can happen is a stain or a fold-crease.
Jelineex - 1 point - 9 months ago
I like to read printed books because I like to hold it for real. I can bring it anywhere and anytime. I also prefer to have it since I don't have to fear of damaging it in case I might drop it. Unlike gadget, you have to be extra careful. Although, both reading materials are good in each way but it's important to value what we read and learn from it.
nadebum - 2 points - 9 months ago
For me, nothing beats the nostalgia of reading printed books. The experience is really different compared to reading electronic materials but in the age of modern technology, e-books has a lot of advantage. I still like printed materials better but it is really bulky and spacious unlike e-books that you can read anywhere. There are also a lot of variety of genre to choose from and easier to look for something to read that interests you. Most of the printed books I have before were already carried away or damaged by flood and that is one disadvantage of it. Right now I have mostly e-books only since it's easier to purchase online and doesn't have much time to go out and look for a book that I like.
jpk0007 - 1 point - 9 months ago
Well, basically I love to read books and I would say that I have no problem whatsoever with reading ebooks and also reading the printed books. Ebooks can always be handy whenever you are traveling or when you don't want to carry the printed version of the book. Some books are very descriptive and thick and therefore difficult to carry with you. I think that ebooks have certainly helped in solving this problem. Printed books have there own charm and most of us have started their hobby of reading with the printed books.
Frank - 1 point - 9 months ago
I always prefer ebooks because it's very easy to access and can read it on the go. Ebooks are durable it last longer no tearing or getting torn by children. It hardly go out of stock too.
dzonyfox2 - 1 point - 9 months ago
In my opinion, printed books. Those are the only ,,true books'' for me. I tried reading ebooks and it is not the same feeling as reading the printed books. I love to hold the book in my hands, to feel the paper under my fingers while switching the pages, I love that yellowish color of the old book pages. So for me, definitely the printed books.
kaka135 - 1 point - 9 months ago
I read both printed books and eBooks, but I always still prefer to hold a physical book and read. I enjoy the feeling of flipping and reading the printed book, as I think it's more relaxing and less distractions. When I am reading eBooks with my computer, I might go to browse other websites.

For those books I really want to keep, I will still buy the printed versions. Though I enjoy reading printed books, I don't think I can afford to buy all the printed books I would like to read, moreover, they actually take up quite a lot of space and I have to consistently go and clean and organize them, it's quite a hassle. It's not so environmental friendly too.

Ebooks are nice as they are environmental friendly, less expensive or even free and we can search or jump to one section easily. I like to organize the eBooks according to their categories in my computer and cloud storage, hence it'll be easier for me to read them or reference to them.
cjctm11 - 1 point - 9 months ago
I still prefer the printed books than ebooks. It was still different to read from a paper than to read from an LCD. I still appreciate those printed books and I could easily focus on it. Ebooks was also have a lot of advantage for the readers and could easily bring with you.
SteinerMath - 1 point - 9 months ago
Personally, I use and like both. eBooks are practical when travelling or when on commute as you can just read it off your phone/tablet/kindle. I have a collection of books from my favorite author and I own them both physically and on digital form. There's just something about reading a book and physically holding it and smelling the page as you turn it.
Ronwald - 1 point - 9 months ago
I'm quite undecided with this one. On one side there are advantages on ebooks as obviously its less hassle to carry digital downloads than bulky printed sheets. On the other hand, it can't be denied that reading a printed book as its charms. But I guess eventually we will all go to the digital direction and mass adopt ebooks, simply because that's how it is. Just like digital audio and music rendered CD's useless, then that's also the way it will eventually go with printed books.
xenekai - 1 point - 9 months ago
Well, first of all the scent of a newly bought book is one of the reasons why readers do prefer buying physical books rather than reading it electronically. It gives them excitement and eagerness to read the book as well as satisfaction smelling it. Of course this is only one of the few reasons why printed books is better. Another factor is the unlimited time you have to read it. Reading through your mobile phones can be very battery consuming while having it printed do not require power.
burgosmichael24 - 1 point - 9 months ago
I like both of them. I love books whether its a printed book or an ebook. The advantage of the printed book is you can read it without charging. However, the ebook's advantage is you can bring as many books as you want in your gadget.
Lhang - 1 point - 8 months ago
I prefer reading Ebooks. It is more convenient for many of us and you can carry it around with you. Reading books by electronic device means you don't need to visit a bookstore or having a bookshelf to store the printed books. But it is also up to the reader or individual to decide whether to read it from a printed book or from an electronic device.
Yojojo - 1 point - 8 months ago
I prefer printed books. It's the book we're all used to. Since the dawn of time, we always used books for many different reasons. But, I think printed books and Ebooks have their advantages and disadvantages.

For printed books, the books can be damaged and it can be lost. It also takes space in your drawer or shelf, well if you have a shelf then I suppose you want to store books. Books can also give us the feeling of being trapped in its content. When we read GOOD books, we often read for hours.

For Ebooks, it's easy to carry around since it's just in a device. You can bring your phone and start reading. That's how easy it is. Reading books on devices and damage your health. Using your devices all day won't make you the most healthy you can ever be. There is no answer for which is better since all readers have their different opinions, but when you're asking me, then I prefer printed books. I just love the flipping of the pages and getting the sense of accomplishment after reading.
Caguioa747 - 1 point - 8 months ago
If you are an old school like the one's that were born int the 80's or 90's definitely you would choose the printed books because you want to feel the classic way of reading like me. But i dont have any problem with ebooks.
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