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The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published.

I've had a number of manuscripts waiting my time for perusal. It's been a long time since I start dreaming to have my manuscripts published but is at odds on how to do it due to time restriction and lack of knowledge. Having read The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published by Eckstut and Sterry gives me new light of hope. The book provides understanding of the "how to" question that has been cramming my mind. Intending to answer loose end questions, this book is a sure ticket for any writer wanting to have their book in digital or print.

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jeffreyjose48 - 1 point - 9 months ago
I hope you will be successful in publishing a book. Its good that there is a book by Eckstut and Sterry about Essential guide to getting your book published. I hope that you will be helped in a great way through it.
EdNChief - 1 point - 9 months ago
Thanks for the suggestion, will take a closer look at the book, looks like it is free on kindle unlimited.
ophelia - 1 point - 9 months ago
Good luck with your books, I hope to see them one day. The book you mentioned sounds like a very useful read for anyone who writes their own books and wants to publish them someday. I'll definitely keep an eye out for this as well.
foxprojects - 1 point - 9 months ago
I'll take a look at it sometime. So far, I've only published e-books and sold them myself through forums, but it's always interesting to find out more about how to get your book accepted for publication by an editor.
Caguioa747 - 1 point - 9 months ago
thanks for the suggestion mate. like you i have been considering on publishing a book for so long now. will gonna totally check that out.
dullian - 1 point - 9 months ago
Does it cover how to present your text? I mean, how to format your book on the computer or printing guidelines. I guess that's a work for graphic designers, but I'm not too sure if that's something you really should be worried about in early stages.
DamianTyrell - 1 point - 9 months ago
Best of luck in your endeavor. If I ever write a book and need to publish it and I am not sure how I will purchase this book about publishing books. I'll read this book and take what I know to publish my own book. Excited to report back!
mcnasci24 - 1 point - 9 months ago
Good luck! Please, do keep us posted about your book. If you publish it, I'd love to read it!
Alania - 1 point - 9 months ago
It's quite hard to get your book published indeed, but sadly, not worth the effort anymore if you ask me... Many people prefer to get digital books, such as audiobooks, instead of holding a real one in your hands.
Pus - 1 point - 9 months ago
You have to believe in yourself, you know! Also, listen to what some other, smarter people have to say! Listen to their advice! Be ready to modify some parts of your work if you want it to be published! Smile and believe!
theresajane - 1 point - 9 months ago
I have read some articles about tips to get your book published. This is a good recommendation and I will try to search, read and learn from it
xenekai - 1 point - 9 months ago
The world is full of talented writers waiting to be discovered. I hope you are one of the few that gets the attention you guys deserve. Keep pushing for your dreams no matter the challenges are. Always remember why you started. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you need one, try resourcing to the nearest publishing stores around you. God bless.
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