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What are some books that you have read after watching the movie version of it?

There have been many instances when after watching a random movie that I find out that it was based on a book. If I love the movie then I would read the book, it is like having an extended cut of the movie with more details and having access to what the protagonist is thinking instead of just watching his/her actions on the screen. I have recently watched and loved the film "This is where I leave you" and I am now reading its book form by the author Jonathan Tropper. It is as witty and funny as the film or maybe even better. How about you? What are some of the books that you have read after watching its movie version?

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ophelia - 1 point - 7 months ago
I've read and watched so many I can't think of all of them at the moment. But what does come to mind is Me Before You. The movie tore me apart. I was crying non stop that it even made my husband worry! I'm still not done with the book as I seem to have misplaced my tab.
theresajane - 1 point - 7 months ago
I have so many on the list. Actually, I came to low reading because of the movie versions that I watched beforehand. The first movie adaptation that made me read my first novel was "A Walk To Rememer". After that, I had a hobby of watching the movies first before reading the book. The Lucky One, Percy Jackson Series, The Mortal Instrument Series, The Hunger Games trilogy and etc. I prefer watching the movie first because, in that way, I wouldn't be disappointed.
VanessaIsabelle - 1 point - 7 months ago
I have read the book version of Fifty Shades of Grey after watching the film. It made me curious and I want to really understand more of its story that I end up reading the novel.
Ronwald - 1 point - 7 months ago
Honestly, I actually prefer to watch the film first and then read the book because I am less critical that way. For instance, I saw the Harry Potter films first and loving the experience made me want to read the books which then reignited my interest in reading.
Kd06 - 1 point - 7 months ago
Twilight. The movie was so good which kept me thinking and excited that the book must be way far more greater! So I searched for the book and was sold out in the nearest book store, luckily I've found out my sister from afar has a copy and was happy to let me borrow it. And the anticipation to let me dig to the story didn't disappoint me. T'was indeed an amazing story, be it book or movie.
jpk0007 - 1 point - 7 months ago
Well, that is very true, i also have read some of the books after watching the movie based on the book. Whenever i understand that a movie is based on a true story or inspired from a book, i make it a point to read it. most of the times i have found the book more inspiring than the movie.However, i recently read a book named" The Memoirs of a Geisha" after watching the movie based on the book , and i found the book and the movie both very impressive.
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