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The Revised Standard Version

The Revised Standard Version bible is an unreliable translation of the bible. The translation allegedly based on older manuscripts than those used when making the King James bible, this translation fails on virtually every front.

1. The bible was translated by scholars some of whom aren't even Christian. Could they be trusted to be unbiased?


2. The bible omits some bible verses. This fact can be ascertained when comparing this version against the KJV which still remains the most authoritative bible translation.

When a bible omits verses for any reason whatsoever then that bible translation shouldn't be read for obvious reasons.

For those who use the Revised Standard version or thought about purchasing it, my advice is: don't. There are better bible translations you could buy.

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Nobody's Girl - The Hector Malot Version

Nobody's girl is a lovely novel that was written with the sole intent of teaching specific virtues such as honesty and how it pays, to children.

The story is about a young girl, Perrine, an orphan, who upon losing her mother embarks on a journey to a place called Maricourt to find her relatives who from information obtained from her mother, may not accept her.

The orphan faces various challenges in her quest to get her grandfather (who doesn't know her identity) accept her in the face of open hostility against her mother.

The book is well-written, explores simple themes which children can relate to and the happy ending is reward enough for the reader who gets emotionally attached to this young vagabond.

This is a book I would highly recommend not just to young readers but to anyone who likes a good story with a happy ending.

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My name is Jeane.

I love books and read at least one new book every week. Since I often read reviews before reading a book, each time I read a new book I always a write a review afterwards so this can help someone else decide quickly whether the book that grabbed their interest is worth reading or not.

I hope to learn more about writing book reviews here, share some reviews of books I've read and also interact with other book-lovers.

You'll be seeing me around!

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How To Write a Good Book Review

Everyone thinks they can write a good book review. "Good" in this case is not subjective. Either a review is well-written or it isn't.

In order to write a good review you need to be familiar with the anatomy of a good review.

Book reviews must tell the reader what the book's theme is about. Simply saying," interesting book" isn't good enough. Your job as a reviewer is to tell the reader what the book is about, how you feel about the book, etc.

This is why when writing a review, the first part of your review must contain the theme of the book. Imagine that you've read a book and want to tell your friend about it, what would you tell that friend?

Obviously you'd tell them what the book's story is about and why you liked the book. And then you'd either recommend the book or tell them not to waste time reading that book.

That is a simple way to write a relatively objective review.

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