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Nicholas Sparks Novels

Message in the Bottle was the first book I've watched and then read 8 years later. As year passess by, I was able to get hold of books written by Sparks. I found out through words how he can inflict emotional wounds and spark raw emotions. He is a master in storytelling that will make you question true love, God's plan and how life is woven intricately. He often draw lines that are worth remembering is applicable to life itself.

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Harry Potter series

I was so young back then when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone was first published. My first encounter with the series is through a television screen and it had me hooked all the way until then. Now, I'm not getting any younger and all the series has been out in the market. Both in digital and in print. Unlike anyone who has far outgrown their crazy penchant for this series, I still harbor happiness whenever I encounter Harry Potter books and stuff. J.K Rowling has written a masterful piece whose audience doesn't only cater to children but adult at hear. I still flipped through pages and feel as if I'm inside Hogwarts whenever I read the series.

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The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published.

I've had a number of manuscripts waiting my time for perusal. It's been a long time since I start dreaming to have my manuscripts published but is at odds on how to do it due to time restriction and lack of knowledge. Having read The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published by Eckstut and Sterry gives me new light of hope. The book provides understanding of the "how to" question that has been cramming my mind. Intending to answer loose end questions, this book is a sure ticket for any writer wanting to have their book in digital or print.

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The Sigma Protocol

This book has been on my shelf for several months until I come upon an urge to flipped upon it's pages. Robert Ludlum creative genius lingers in the written lines of his last work. I find the first chapter to be boring that I stopped reading it for some time. But then again, December vacation allows me the luxury of time to go squander and rest, up to my heart content. I tried to read the book and was held like a magnet. It was engaging that I couldn't put my mind away from it. I was glued to it, in a way that I wanted to read the whole book in one setting.

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